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Whorephobia 101


This is the post I typed up to try to get posted on various feminist blogs (namely Feministing), but for various reasons, I’ve decided not to. Feel free to link widely as a Whorephobia 101 guide. Thanks for your help, Amber Rhea! Hello, my name is Jane. And I’m a whore. I’d like to talk […]

FeministWhore’s post about slut-shaming is really interesting to me. While I certainly can’t get behind the supposedly feminist justification for supporting sex work on the “but I just like sex!” grounds, I get really annoyed by people who somehow think enjoying sex is okay but profiting from enjoying sex is not. You’re a commodity! I […]

Horrible idea?


Okay on the scale of dinner with Catherine MacKinnon to buying a new sex toy, how horrible or awesome would a post on Feministing about whorephobia be? I keep thinking about this because I find that site incredibly whorephobic and completely dissing of whores in general. I’ve tried to post before, but my post got […]