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This is today, December 17th. This is how I became an activist, having already experienced harm in the industry, but I knew that I was lucky over what happened to me, compared to the many sex workers who are beaten, raped, or killed. Dec. 17th was started by Dr. Annie Sprinkle after the Green River […]

Hester Prined.


It was the address thing that really crossed the line. Had it happened in isolation, I might not have taken it so hard. It was the escalation of events. When the address thing happened, I nearly broke down entirely, not knowing what would happen next. I had quit working by that point. I had gotten […]

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I want to remind you all to take a moment today to think about how violence affects the lives of sex workers. If you can attend a vigil in your area, please do. If not, consider how else you can remember lives tragically changed or […]

Dec 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, if you weren’t aware. For the first time ever, the folks of SWOP national are organizing a march on Washington for sex workers’ rights visibility. I cannot be there, sadly, but I do hope you all organize and show up. It won’t be quite […]