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Starting out or working in the sex industry can be daunting in terms of the financial aspects. Money is coming in, sometimes more than you’ve ever made or even seen before. It can be a bit overwhelming to plan and handle your money. I am not at all a tax professional, financial planner, or really […]

One inspires the other. I hate doing my taxes. I know there are all kinds of reasons for sex workers to not pay taxes or to not account for all of their income. But the IRS does not fuck around. I advocate for doing them yourself, unless you have a really cool CPA. I’ve never […]

Governor Quinn is proposing a 50% income tax hike and a hike in cigarette tax to tackle the state of Illinois’s huge debts. Might I humbly suggest a solution? Decriminalize prostitution. Quit wasting money arresting providers and clients. Then sex workers who don’t already will feel more inclined to file taxes. More income taxes, more […]