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I spent part of my 21st birthday in the bathroom crying. We were all out at a bar. I don’t remember why, but I remember that my ex-boyfriend made me cry. I had some sort of terribly deluded idea that I was going to be friends with him, that you can drift from fucking to […]

I have been dropping a lot of balls lately. I don’t mean to be. I feel awful about it. And yet I am struck by the salience of stigma in why I can’t explain to others why exactly I’m sucking at life right now. When I had surgery recently, it was totally cool for me […]

It does not happen so often, but sometimes I get incredibly sad. It is an ineffable sadness, a sadness that lingers, that forms cobwebs inside me, so that I feel empty. And last week I got sad. My sadness is so hard to describe, but essentially, it is rooted in feeling like an outsider. I […]

For centuries, scientists have quested for the embodied location of the human soul. Clearly, if we have them, they have to exist in our physical bodies, right? Organs like the heart, the liver, and the brain have been studied as possible resting places for our eternal selves. However, it appears that modern day opponents of […]

Ms. magazine is good for my health. Really! This bastion of the second wave really wants me to have the hottest ass this side of the Prime Meridian. As I chose between the latest celebrity gossip rags the other day, I spotted the spring 2008 issue of Ms. I decided to catch up on the […]

Ah, god, do we have to? The dreaded p-word rears its ugly head again, this time in the sex workers’ rights movement. Privilege is the elephant in the room, if the elephant in the room allowed some people freedoms and protections that it doesn’t allow others. If elephants’ weight went down when you talk about […]