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Home repairs


I could make a whole blog bitching about other blogs. (Wait, have I?) Exhibit A: a post on Feministing about home repairs. The post struck me as gee this sucks, but help me brainstorm solutions. The author chimed in on the comment threads to say that no one was acknowledging sexism and making it all […]

I first read Susan Bordo when I was thinking about recovery, trying to make sense of my own experiences. Unbearable Weight put into words the seething rage I felt over my treatment at the hands of others. First, I developed a (biologically rooted) illness that was a manifestation of the expectations of my body, then […]

Bust out your Pepto because this is going to make you sick. Renegade Evolution posted Donna Hughes’s response to a letter by fifty academics opposing the banning of indoor prostitution in Rhode Island. Other bloggers like Amber Rhea have analyzed Hughes’s letter. (A Feminist View gives an amazing account.) What I find most interesting is […]

Often times, I’ll be writing about something and think, wouldn’t it be fucking wonderful if I had an example of what I mean? Well, I do, for once! Amber Rhea wrote a response to some discussion that was happening over at Renegade Evolution’s post. I’ve noticed a trend recently that I feel like needs to […]