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Sex injuries


The other day, I was masturbating with a new toy (the Rabbit– awesome!) and when I stood up, I managed to walk sideways into my door frame out of sheer post-orgasmic inability to function. I bruised the hell out of my head, right above my ear. It’s where the muscle that controls your jaw is […]

Even though I was raised in an abstinence-only environment and had no formal training on safer sex techniques, today I am the queen of safer sex techniques. However, it seems like the world around me is living in the abstinence-only bubble of mythology about STDs. Which is why when I saw SerpentLibertine’s most recent post, […]

Too Serious.


I have been taking things Too Seriously. The only place I don’t is in my work. I am not one of those posturing kind of professional dominants. I just love to play. Getting paid for it makes me so happy. It’s everything else. I think, as an activist, as someone who takes seriously the matrices […]