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Oh, this shit. Again. Here, too. And here. I want to be fair and nice and kind about this, so feel free to read the original study. In fact, I want you to. You should read stuff for yourself and make your own mind up about it. That said, since this is my blog, I’ll […]

A mountain of articles, books, and blogs on different social movements tends to boil down to one important point: who holds the power to frame the discourse? (The first time I read The History of Sexuality, I was both eager and horribly, horribly depressed.) Those with the power use knowledge to shape the dominant discourse, […]

I was in my car on the way to see the eye doctor. ($78 for the exam, and $320 for a year of contacts? No wonder people enter the sex industry.) I was stuck behind a bus, and that’s when I noticed it. A poster in part of Chicago’s new campaign to target demand. This […]

I am a feminist. Hold your britches. I am aware of how controversial identifying as both a sex worker and a feminist is. This is for no good reason I can see. Feminists are individuals against oppression based on gender. When feminists stop trying to save the whores, they tend to realize that we’re all […]

Ms. magazine is good for my health. Really! This bastion of the second wave really wants me to have the hottest ass this side of the Prime Meridian. As I chose between the latest celebrity gossip rags the other day, I spotted the spring 2008 issue of Ms. I decided to catch up on the […]

The California Supreme Court recently, in effect, legalized “same sex” marriage, much to the hand-wringing dismay of the New Right. (The same people, of course, who think I am damaged in the head and morally bankrupt, in case you wondered.) According to this ruling, discriminating against nonheterosexual couples getting married is akin to discriminating on […]