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At times, I just loathe identity politics.  But identity is unfortunately important, especially for social movements. (This blog probably doesn’t appeal to people who don’t identify as sex workers, or who aren’t interested in those who do identify as such. ) And lately, I’ve been thinking about the queer identity. A lot of people self-indentify […]

Sadie Lune has an interesting blog about what she calls unpaid relationships.  I like the designation of unpaid. It validates the idea that relationships exist within sex work, like the idea that unpaid work (“housework”) is still work. It also sounds rather clinical to me. I’d hate to refer to the great love of my […]

Coming out.


I came out to my sister about being a sex worker recently. Being out to those close to me is something I feel is important, though I am not generally comfortable with outing myself to the world at large. I have been in sex work for a number of years, and yet, I never got […]