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One thing I love about being a sex worker is the exciting outfits. I get to dress up in so many different ways and own different, fun, sexy things. Here’s my problem: boots. I have painfully skinny calves. I’ve always had skinny calves. Even when I did weight-lifting and had strong calves, I had skinny […]



I watched The X-Files growing up, even though I wasn’t allowed. It was one of the only cult television shows, until recently, that I really followed closely. I was much younger then. In middle school. During my “I’m going to read everything on black holes and pretend I understand it” phase. (I think I did, […]

I had the most bizarre dream last night. I don’t remember ever having a sex work dream before, but apparently I had one last night. I borrowed a centipede from another sex worker for use with a client. I opened the container it was in, and it escaped and was free in my apartment. Several […]

Two phones.


Whenever I find myself hanging out with a group of fellow whores, I make mental notes about “You know you’re a sex worker when . . .” that I find amusing. Maybe I’m the only one. During a recent activist meeting, it occurred to me that the majority of us were juggling two phones. (The […]



I spent the last several days lying in bed watching endless amounts of television. I haven’t been sick in a long time, but when I get sick, I go all out, it seems. I am hypersensitive to most medications, so part of getting sick for me is being so stoned on cold drugs that I […]

Super Scribbler


The fabulous Aspasia nominated me for an award! So I nominate Lia, Harper, and Jessica, all people whose blogs continually inform, amuse, and engage me.

It was a last bits of summer kind of trip to the beach. The sun warm on my skin above the meandering chill in the breeze. My toes dug into the sand while I hoped to absorb some radiant heat through my SPF 30. And I was reading Dante’s Inferno. I picked it up off […]