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I’ve been grappling with this a lot lately. On one hand, those most involved in sex workers’ rights are those with more privilege (economically, educationally, racially), while on the other hand, privilege is used to discount their arguments and experiences. I’m struggling to find a way that acknowledges my privilege without completely negating what I […]

When I first read Thin Privilege 101, I have to admit, it irked me a little bit. I’ve been following feminist debates about thin privilege, since (as some of my posts have shown) I have a tendency to become hyper-defensive about my experiences living with an eating disorder. As with all conversations of privilege, the […]

Is it a form of ableism to talk about quasi-eating-disordered experiences? I struggle with this so frequently, and I am never sure how to address it. I know, based on my emotional reaction, that something is happening which is troubling to me. I know that I feel marginalized. But feeling marginalized and being marginalized are […]

I have been thinking lately about disability and mental illness, part of which is inspired by Amber Rhea. I came into sex work activism from mental health activism. I wanted to fight the stigma of mental illness. Now, it seems to me, couching mental illness in the framework of disability is beneficial. I don’t think […]

I call it a clusterfuck because it is a clusterfuck. I think Amber Rhea writes a really excellent analysis of recent blog privilege clusterfuckery called “Classy“. I’ve said before that it frustrates me to no end when privilege is used as a weapon. Yes, we all need to own up to our own privilege, but […]

I should avoid feminist blogs and websites. I am growing quite disillusioned with the so-called feminist movement.  I have held in my mind since I discovered the feminist movement that feminism is about empowering the lived experiences and choices of all women. However, it seems that only the lived experiences and choices that support certain […]

Ah, god, do we have to? The dreaded p-word rears its ugly head again, this time in the sex workers’ rights movement. Privilege is the elephant in the room, if the elephant in the room allowed some people freedoms and protections that it doesn’t allow others. If elephants’ weight went down when you talk about […]