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I fucking knew that blogging about Operation Cross Country was going to piss me off. I’ve been cruising the internet, reading other people’s takes, and of course the comments. God, I feel like I should be paying someone to take this kind of abuse. Let me elucidate (I just learned this word. It’s big. You […]

A few links: Serpent has written about this, so has Aspasia. The Curvature takes a feminist approach.  I’d really like to see more feminist blogs and social justice blogs pick this up.

For your daily dose of fucked up, I give you Operation Cross Country. SWOP-LV on Bound, not Gagged posted about this. Basically, you have FBI agents arresting sex workers solicited on Craigslist. Ostensibly, they’re targeting child prostitution and trafficking. The numbers say otherwise. Forty-seven children have been rescued, whereas five hundred eighteen adult sex workers […]