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Starting out or working in the sex industry can be daunting in terms of the financial aspects. Money is coming in, sometimes more than you’ve ever made or even seen before. It can be a bit overwhelming to plan and handle your money. I am not at all a tax professional, financial planner, or really […]

There are two things that are symbolic of America (with apologies to my foreign friends): voting and paying taxes. On this election day, of course I am going to encourage everyone to vote. As San Franciscoians decide the fate of the decriminalization bill Prop K, there’s a myth that should be addressed. In the dialogue […]

For centuries, scientists have quested for the embodied location of the human soul. Clearly, if we have them, they have to exist in our physical bodies, right? Organs like the heart, the liver, and the brain have been studied as possible resting places for our eternal selves. However, it appears that modern day opponents of […]