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Have you heard about this? The claim is that it will cut down on terrorism. Or something. I mean, invoke terrorism, and our rights are always out the window. I happen to use a prepaid cell phone for work purposes. You know why? So clients can’t look my number up and find out my legal […]

Illinois HB 6195 is a bill to increase the penalty for soliciting a prostitute to a felony. It’s part of this whole end demand in Illinois campaign. You’ll be hearing a lot about this bill from me in the coming months. Let’s be real for a minute. I think shit like trafficking and coercion are […]

So there’s a proposed change to the legislation in Illinois to increase penalties for pimping and soliciting or patronizing. I don’t feel like getting into why more laws doesn’t mean better right now, but I wanted to document a phenomenon I noticed. In Illinois, you don’t commit prostitution, you are a prostitute. The criminal code […]

A pro-life group has started a campaign to compare Black children to snow leopards. No, really. Black babies are an endangered species, apparently, thanks to abortion. It would be ludicrous for me to try to argue that it’s not an objective fact that women of color are over-represented in abortion statistics. It is pretty fucking […]

Oh, this shit. Again. Here, too. And here. I want to be fair and nice and kind about this, so feel free to read the original study. In fact, I want you to. You should read stuff for yourself and make your own mind up about it. That said, since this is my blog, I’ll […]

Several blogs have been covering the “breaking” story about DC’s PFZ and how three or more condoms are evidence for a prostitution arrest. While I’m glad to see a conversation starting about the horrible things some cops do in order to arrest suspected prostitutes, I’d also like to point out that sex workers and our […]

Check out this post over at Feministe about the trafficking of Native American women. (Warning: it’s pretty fucking upsetting.) The original article says some pretty troubling things that make me, as a sex worker, really fucking angry, both at so-called “advocates” and at the people who are abusing and ignoring the abuse of Native women. […]