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Sometimes I make them into things. I have an ash tray, a foot rest, a carpet. I drag on my cigarette and tap my ash into the palm of his hand. I rest my heels up on his back. I wipe my feet on his shoulders. I make the men I play with into objects, […]



I once read this book about the “secret language” of eating disorders. It was probably one of the more insightful books I’ve read. In recent years, I’ve read other books and articles describing eating disorders as a kind of exclusive club. Not that anyone should feel badly about not being in that club. Quite the […]

I try not to use this blog to further blog wars elsewhere, or to comment on others’ blogs, but in this case, I want to bring up an issue that deeply frustrates me. This post has me banging my hand against a wall, and not in the fun hurts-so-good kind of way. I’ve been engaged […]

For centuries, scientists have quested for the embodied location of the human soul. Clearly, if we have them, they have to exist in our physical bodies, right? Organs like the heart, the liver, and the brain have been studied as possible resting places for our eternal selves. However, it appears that modern day opponents of […]

Given the amount of time I spend semi- or fully nude, you’d think the women’s locker room at the gym would be the last place I worry about padding around in my natural wonder. Not quite. I am incredibly gunshy about being naked at the gym. Even showering, I select the most secluded shower so […]