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While I would hardly claim to hold expertise on activism and intellectualism, there are certain words I have strong opinions on. I think a lot of activists and intellectuals use certain words without critically engaging with their context, meaning, and previous use. While I am not a credentialed expert, I am a blogger, and as […]

I should avoid feminist blogs and websites. I am growing quite disillusioned with the so-called feminist movement.  I have held in my mind since I discovered the feminist movement that feminism is about empowering the lived experiences and choices of all women. However, it seems that only the lived experiences and choices that support certain […]

I am a feminist. Hold your britches. I am aware of how controversial identifying as both a sex worker and a feminist is. This is for no good reason I can see. Feminists are individuals against oppression based on gender. When feminists stop trying to save the whores, they tend to realize that we’re all […]