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I have been thinking lately about disability and mental illness, part of which is inspired by Amber Rhea. I came into sex work activism from mental health activism. I wanted to fight the stigma of mental illness. Now, it seems to me, couching mental illness in the framework of disability is beneficial. I don’t think […]

At times, I just loathe identity politics.  But identity is unfortunately important, especially for social movements. (This blog probably doesn’t appeal to people who don’t identify as sex workers, or who aren’t interested in those who do identify as such. ) And lately, I’ve been thinking about the queer identity. A lot of people self-indentify […]

Many years ago, when I was in my late teens, I came out with a bang about living with a mental illness that few people understood or realized existed back then. I was fresh out of a hospital and telling my story to anyone who would listen, except for most of my loved ones. When […]