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Okay, feminists, let’s get real about something. I’m getting pretty fucking sick of the use of people with eating disorders to make some sort of point about the patriarchy. We are people who have had experiences and continue to have voices with which to discuss our experiences. Kind of like sex workers. Novel fucking concept,  […]

I spent part of my 21st birthday in the bathroom crying. We were all out at a bar. I don’t remember why, but I remember that my ex-boyfriend made me cry. I had some sort of terribly deluded idea that I was going to be friends with him, that you can drift from fucking to […]

Home repairs


I could make a whole blog bitching about other blogs. (Wait, have I?) Exhibit A: a post on Feministing about home repairs. The post struck me as gee this sucks, but help me brainstorm solutions. The author chimed in on the comment threads to say that no one was acknowledging sexism and making it all […]

Whorephobia 101


This is the post I typed up to try to get posted on various feminist blogs (namely Feministing), but for various reasons, I’ve decided not to. Feel free to link widely as a Whorephobia 101 guide. Thanks for your help, Amber Rhea! Hello, my name is Jane. And I’m a whore. I’d like to talk […]

Horrible idea?


Okay on the scale of dinner with Catherine MacKinnon to buying a new sex toy, how horrible or awesome would a post on Feministing about whorephobia be? I keep thinking about this because I find that site incredibly whorephobic and completely dissing of whores in general. I’ve tried to post before, but my post got […]

I first read Susan Bordo when I was thinking about recovery, trying to make sense of my own experiences. Unbearable Weight put into words the seething rage I felt over my treatment at the hands of others. First, I developed a (biologically rooted) illness that was a manifestation of the expectations of my body, then […]

You know, I have to say, I’m getting really fucking sick of being told by so-called feminists that I don’t know shit about my own experiences. When I talk about sex work and my experiences, I’m not trying to generalize, I’m not trying to downplay that I have privilege, I’m not trying to act that […]