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Horrible idea?


Okay on the scale of dinner with Catherine MacKinnon to buying a new sex toy, how horrible or awesome would a post on Feministing about whorephobia be? I keep thinking about this because I find that site incredibly whorephobic and completely dissing of whores in general. I’ve tried to post before, but my post got […]

I occasionally read Feministing, but I avoid commenting there. I do comment at Feministe. But not Feministing. I’ve seen one too many sex workers torn apart by the commentors of this “feminist” website for being too “privileged” or what the fuck ever. This post is an excellent fucking example. A dude, not a typical client, […]

I fucking knew that blogging about Operation Cross Country was going to piss me off. I’ve been cruising the internet, reading other people’s takes, and of course the comments. God, I feel like I should be paying someone to take this kind of abuse. Let me elucidate (I just learned this word. It’s big. You […]

I call it a clusterfuck because it is a clusterfuck. I think Amber Rhea writes a really excellent analysis of recent blog privilege clusterfuckery called “Classy“. I’ve said before that it frustrates me to no end when privilege is used as a weapon. Yes, we all need to own up to our own privilege, but […]