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You know, I never thought that I would, but I got burnt out. I’m taking a hiatus from activism for a couple of months to hopefully get my steam up. I think I always expected to maybe someday get burn out, but I wasn’t prepared for what it would feel like. It feels pretty fucking […]

Faux hos


By now, most people even slightly in touch with sex worker issues have seen this article, which has basically ignited a shitstorm. I wish I had the emotional and mental capacity right now to articulate how I feel. About Alexa, about faux hos, about blogging. But I don’t. I find the whole thing to be […]

At the height of my illness (and the lowest weight), I would lie awake at night, watching the clock tick the minutes out. I would plant one hand on my chest and count the beats. Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty. And wonder where it would end up. The number got progressively smaller. If I had a spry […]

I have been thinking lately about disability and mental illness, part of which is inspired by Amber Rhea. I came into sex work activism from mental health activism. I wanted to fight the stigma of mental illness. Now, it seems to me, couching mental illness in the framework of disability is beneficial. I don’t think […]

Too Serious.


I have been taking things Too Seriously. The only place I don’t is in my work. I am not one of those posturing kind of professional dominants. I just love to play. Getting paid for it makes me so happy. It’s everything else. I think, as an activist, as someone who takes seriously the matrices […]



I am so tired. I have inevitably, as I always so, internalized all the stress and drama of the past two weeks. First the Operation Cross Country nonsense, and then the Craigslist fuckery. I am just so tired. There is still so much to be done. And I just need a fucking break. I’m very […]

A mountain of articles, books, and blogs on different social movements tends to boil down to one important point: who holds the power to frame the discourse? (The first time I read The History of Sexuality, I was both eager and horribly, horribly depressed.) Those with the power use knowledge to shape the dominant discourse, […]