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Illinois HB 6195 is a bill to increase the penalty for soliciting a prostitute to a felony. It’s part of this whole end demand in Illinois campaign. You’ll be hearing a lot about this bill from me in the coming months. Let’s be real for a minute. I think shit like trafficking and coercion are […]

Oh, this shit. Again. Here, too. And here. I want to be fair and nice and kind about this, so feel free to read the original study. In fact, I want you to. You should read stuff for yourself and make your own mind up about it. That said, since this is my blog, I’ll […]

Check out this post over at Feministe about the trafficking of Native American women. (Warning: it’s pretty fucking upsetting.) The original article says some pretty troubling things that make me, as a sex worker, really fucking angry, both at so-called “advocates” and at the people who are abusing and ignoring the abuse of Native women. […]

I saw a post about this new book on Feministe. At first, I thought, oh, how cool. I identified with the book because of my economic background and the dream I have about my education. But then I thought about it more, and I don’t. The primary breadwinner in my family was self-employed (the secondary […]

Whorephobia 101


This is the post I typed up to try to get posted on various feminist blogs (namely Feministing), but for various reasons, I’ve decided not to. Feel free to link widely as a Whorephobia 101 guide. Thanks for your help, Amber Rhea! Hello, my name is Jane. And I’m a whore. I’d like to talk […]

I’ve been grappling with this a lot lately. On one hand, those most involved in sex workers’ rights are those with more privilege (economically, educationally, racially), while on the other hand, privilege is used to discount their arguments and experiences. I’m struggling to find a way that acknowledges my privilege without completely negating what I […]

I just wanted to link to this fabulous post by Snowdrop about the problems with these models, especially as Illinois considers this. As a whore, I just have to say, as happy as I am about not risking a prostitution arrest, the kind of work I do still puts me at risk of an assault […]