I’m not your Proof.


Okay, feminists, let’s get real about something. I’m getting pretty fucking sick of the use of people with eating disorders to make some sort of point about the patriarchy. We are people who have had experiences and continue to have voices with which to discuss our experiences. Kind of like sex workers. Novel fucking concept,  I know.

Whenever feminists talk about the media, someone inevitably brings up eating disorders as a way to make a point about the harmful effects of male-domination on women. First, the media does not cause eating disorders in the way you’re thinking. Second, we’re not victims of the patriarchy.

I don’t like being talked about like I’m somehow the thing that proves everything the feminists are saying. Don’t use my experiences to make your point about your issue. I can talk about myself, thanks, (and I invite other people with eating disorders to talk about yourselves, too).

It’s exactly like when feminists talk about sex workers. If we happen to be present, anything we have to say that refutes the Feminist Point of the Moment is dismissed as false consciousness or just our personal ideas. It’s really belittling and dismissive of our experiences.


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