Congress tries to make IDs mandatory for prepaid phones.


Have you heard about this? The claim is that it will cut down on terrorism. Or something. I mean, invoke terrorism, and our rights are always out the window. I happen to use a prepaid cell phone for work purposes. You know why? So clients can’t look my number up and find out my legal name. And then stalk or kill me. So, thoughts? Bad idea? Good idea? Am I just a paranoid whore?


2 Responses to “Congress tries to make IDs mandatory for prepaid phones.”

  1. Nope, I see no paranoia here. If it went through, it’s really just a matter of what I suspect would be a small amount of time before it’s used to clobber the sex industry, though I rather suspect the industry would quickly swap to pay as you go.

    Here’s how it works out in practice in London:

  2. 2 Ninon Baccara

    Not paranoid at all! In addition to what Stephen brought up, I mainly see this bill as yet another way the average citizen must surrender anonymity and privacy. Also, it really pisses off phone companies when people go this route and refuse to be bullied into contracts that quickly bite them in the ass. So, if this law were to pass, would the companies be able to get a list of people using prepaid phones and hassle them on buying a contract?

    I just feel as though there is going to be some way the main companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will profit greatly.

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