Johns might become felons.


Illinois HB 6195 is a bill to increase the penalty for soliciting a prostitute to a felony. It’s part of this whole end demand in Illinois campaign. You’ll be hearing a lot about this bill from me in the coming months.

Let’s be real for a minute. I think shit like trafficking and coercion are fucking abhorrent. I also think that the proliferation of rhetoric around these issues has pretty much eclipsed any kind of ability we could possibly have to actually grasp what we mean when we say “trafficking” or “coercion”.

I’m pretty sick of the exploitation versus empowerment paradigm when talking about the sex industry. I’ve made a decision to not engage with it, actually, because of how pissed off it makes me. And how much it’s nothing but rhetoric that doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

My concern is that the people pushing for this bill are not engaging with the consequences of making a lot of people into felons. I also think this kind of political maneuvering is just that: a political maneuver. It doesn’t address the myriad of problems and oppressions and resistance strategies among sex workers.


8 Responses to “Johns might become felons.”

  1. 1 Amber Rhea

    Seriously, do we really need MORE felons? 😛

  2. 2 Amber Rhea

    Um, that was supposed to be an exasperated sticking out of the tongue, not a smile!

  3. Well that’s exactly what we said to the Criminal Law Committee hearing down in Springfield. Apparently, they think IL does need more felons. There’s still a chance to stop the bill, it’s headed to the House floor.

  4. 4 krazykala16

    good they deserve it so do all the whores and pimps

    • Why? What does criminalization do to help ANYONE?

      • 6 This Supid Lamb

        I can guarantee the majority of pimps and there bitches have under age girls out there working. That is what putting their asses in jail will do! Even if just one young girl is helped it is all worth it.

  5. 7 This Supid Lamb

    and the johns are the ones keeping the business going.

  6. All that does is pushing prostitution more underground. They have to accept that they will NEVER stamp it out. This profession has been around longer than ANY of the professions we had today (pretty much only farming predates it). Once its illegal it creates anarchy and makes it dangerous for everyone involved.

    Uggghh…it makes me crazy!

    Come visit me.


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