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Illinois HB 6195 is a bill to increase the penalty for soliciting a prostitute to a felony. It’s part of this whole end demand in Illinois campaign. You’ll be hearing a lot about this bill from me in the coming months. Let’s be real for a minute. I think shit like trafficking and coercion are […]

So there’s a proposed change to the legislation in Illinois to increase penalties for pimping and soliciting or patronizing. I don’t feel like getting into why more laws doesn’t mean better right now, but I wanted to document a phenomenon I noticed. In Illinois, you don’t commit prostitution, you are a prostitute. The criminal code […]

Home repairs


I could make a whole blog bitching about other blogs. (Wait, have I?) Exhibit A: a post on Feministing about home repairs. The post struck me as gee this sucks, but help me brainstorm solutions. The author chimed in on the comment threads to say that no one was acknowledging sexism and making it all […]