Assorted bitchery


In no particular order, some things that piss me off:

People who flick cigarettes without looking. I was walking on a busy sidewalk today and the dude in front of me flicked his cigarette backward without looking and nearly burned my damn leg. What the hell?

People who can’t talk on the phone or text and walk. I find the general level of everyone texting all the time annoying, but seriously. Stop walking to text. Or use your peripheral vision. But do not run into me and act put off by me.

Facebook groups that promote violence against sex workers. Most of them have been started by high school students. As if we don’t have enough trouble.

The pressure to “come out” as a whore. I could write a blog entry about this. I feel like some activists expect or are upset when some of us don’t come out or selectively come out. I have all the respect in the world for whores who are out, out, out, but that is not right for me at this time in my life.

Dudes at the gym who grunt, guard the free weights, spit in the water foundation, or ask me if I need help on the weight machines. Oh, god, the grunting. Do you really think I’m going to fuck you because you sound like a Guernsey calving? And also: yes, I am a girl. This does not mean I am incapable of lifting weights like teh big menz.

Chicks at the gym who hang out on equipment, dress inappropriately, destroy the magazines, or leave their long hair down. The gym is not where you go to mate. And you’re going to catch your hair in that weight machine! And also: I feel weirdly socialist about magazines at the gym. They are communal! Please put them in the wrack in a manner such that they are not ripped to hell.

Drivers who don’t yield to pedestrians in designated areas. Hi, crosswalk, motherfucker. Anyone who has ever been on a windy street in Chicago in the winter will tell you that if you are in a warm car, pausing is not going to kill you. I promise. Failing to pause may kill me. Not just from cold. If you hate the idea of pedestrians, don’t drive in the city.

Running out of wine. OH MY GOD. UGH.


2 Responses to “Assorted bitchery”

  1. OMG, yes! On all of them. Especially the one concerning the women at the gym. Most of the ones at the university gym aren’t this level of annoying but occasionally we’ll get one and even the guys are like, “Ok, seriously, save it for the club.” I get annoyed by the ones who hog the weight machines because they’re so busy reading magazines (or fucking TEXTING) to do the reps. I actually told one girl, “Look, if you’re not actually going to use this machine, get off it. I have my circuit to complete.” I think she wanted to give me some lip, but since I was 8″ taller and a good 30 lbs heavier and I looked like I was ready to kick some ass, she thought better of it and slinked off. Selfish asshole.

    The coming out thing…I agree. I’m not out to everyone and I probably will never be out to everyone. I think a lot of activists are in a bubble where it is safe for them to be out because where they live it is okay to do that. Other places, not so much. The only thing I ever tell anyone is to make sure you are out to SOMEONE you trust completely because they’ll need that person for support. It’s not good to be alone. I think you should write a post on it. Why hold it in?

  2. 2 Amber Rhea

    Do you really think I’m going to fuck you because you sound like a Guernsey calving?

    LOL!!! Quote of the day!

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