I really try to be a fairly understanding pro. I really do. But sometimes I get super pissed off about people who are reluctant to go through my screening process. It tells me either they really don’t give a shit about my safety or that they’re utter novices to this whole visiting sex workers thing.

I get that giving your sensitive information to a total stranger can be totally weird, which is why I’m understanding. But of all the things I could do to you (and seriously, what is that? call your wife? why the fuck would I care about that? is she going to pay me?), anything you can do to me is probably worse (rape, murder, arrest, etc). And really, would you really want to see a professional who wasn’t careful? Think about it. Some psychotic killer could show up while we’re meeting and kill us both, all because I wasn’t careful.

And I’m super lucky because I’m privileged enough to be able to say no to jerks who won’t go through my screening process.


2 Responses to “Screening”

  1. A-fucking-men! What gets me even more is that the potential clients seem to not understand that at certain levels of escorting/companionship, domming, or whatever, no we’re not the ones to just show up like a pizza and no, we’re not going to be so desperate for your business that we’ll put our lives in jeopardy. That is the main reason I have yet to book a client outside of two who wanted to negotiate price.

    But what gets me is that the information I am asking for isn’t sensitive. I am not requesting home phone numbers and addresses and the names of children, pets, social security numbers, ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends, wives, income… THAT is sensitive, yes, and I’d be hesitant to volunteer that info too. What I am asking for as verification is easily found on Google by anyone who learns their name and who they work for. That could be some random person they meet at a party.

    Yet they still don’t want to give up that information. Please, fuck you, dude. I’m planning on doing a post on the general “why’s” of my personal screening on my escort blog, so I’ll let you know when I do. Basically, that post will be for novices with plenty links to other sites that also go over screening processes. I don’t know who some of these clients are (possibly) seeing that screening isn’t done. That’s extremely scary to think about. But I can imagine with a lot of women randomly jumping into the biz with the downturn of the economy, they are just out there and didn’t do any research so they probably aren’t screening (or taking other protective measures). **shudder**

  2. 2 hobostripper

    Damn, me too. Right this very moment I’m hanging out in a hotel room emailing with this guy who contacted me like a week ago but waited till right before he wanted to see me to send me references (work info is sacred, apparently). Then he’s like, “what, you can’t make them respond instantly? I wanna see you tonight!” Duh.

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