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In no particular order, some things that piss me off: People who flick cigarettes without looking. I was walking on a busy sidewalk today and the dude in front of me flicked his cigarette backward without looking and nearly burned my damn leg. What the hell? People who can’t talk on the phone or text […]



I really try to be a fairly understanding pro. I really do. But sometimes I get super pissed off about people who are reluctant to go through my screening process. It tells me either they really don’t give a shit about my safety or that they’re utter novices to this whole visiting sex workers thing. […]

Sex injuries


The other day, I was masturbating with a new toy (the Rabbit– awesome!) and when I stood up, I managed to walk sideways into my door frame out of sheer post-orgasmic inability to function. I bruised the hell out of my head, right above my ear. It’s where the muscle that controls your jaw is […]

A pro-life group has started a campaign to compare Black children to snow leopards. No, really. Black babies are an endangered species, apparently, thanks to abortion. It would be ludicrous for me to try to argue that it’s not an objective fact that women of color are over-represented in abortion statistics. It is pretty fucking […]