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Oh, this shit. Again. Here, too. And here. I want to be fair and nice and kind about this, so feel free to read the original study. In fact, I want you to. You should read stuff for yourself and make your own mind up about it. That said, since this is my blog, I’ll […]

Several blogs have been covering the “breaking” story about DC’s PFZ and how three or more condoms are evidence for a prostitution arrest. While I’m glad to see a conversation starting about the horrible things some cops do in order to arrest suspected prostitutes, I’d also like to point out that sex workers and our […]

One the things I find most challenging about sex work is the marketing thing. I’ve been on the job market before and did the whole resume writing workshop circuit. I understand that finding any job is about marketing yourself correctly. In sex work, it’s kind of challenging for me. Most of the sex work I’ve […]