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Faux hos


By now, most people even slightly in touch with sex worker issues have seen this article, which has basically ignited a shitstorm. I wish I had the emotional and mental capacity right now to articulate how I feel. About Alexa, about faux hos, about blogging. But I don’t. I find the whole thing to be […]

Check out this post over at Feministe about the trafficking of Native American women. (Warning: it’s pretty fucking upsetting.) The original article says some pretty troubling things that make me, as a sex worker, really fucking angry, both at so-called “advocates” and at the people who are abusing and ignoring the abuse of Native women. […]

This is today, December 17th. This is how I became an activist, having already experienced harm in the industry, but I knew that I was lucky over what happened to me, compared to the many sex workers who are beaten, raped, or killed. Dec. 17th was started by Dr. Annie Sprinkle after the Green River […]

I saw a post about this new book on Feministe. At first, I thought, oh, how cool. I identified with the book because of my economic background and the dream I have about my education. But then I thought about it more, and I don’t. The primary breadwinner in my family was self-employed (the secondary […]

I just received one of those awesome spam/scam emails to my work email about a $2,500,000 business proposition, asking for my address and occupation. Part of me wants to write back, “Hello, Mr So-and-So, I’m a sex worker. Is this business deal in regard to having me piss on you, or are you more into […]

Whorephobia 101


This is the post I typed up to try to get posted on various feminist blogs (namely Feministing), but for various reasons, I’ve decided not to. Feel free to link widely as a Whorephobia 101 guide. Thanks for your help, Amber Rhea! Hello, my name is Jane. And I’m a whore. I’d like to talk […]

FeministWhore’s post about slut-shaming is really interesting to me. While I certainly can’t get behind the supposedly feminist justification for supporting sex work on the “but I just like sex!” grounds, I get really annoyed by people who somehow think enjoying sex is okay but profiting from enjoying sex is not. You’re a commodity! I […]