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So the other day, I was in a cab that smelled like piss dry-shaving my legs. (True story.) I was on the way to an outcall at a hotel to meet a client. I hate outcalls. It’s not just because the kind of work I do requires large, heavy, conspicuous tools. Nothing says I’m doing […]

I forgot to update about this! That thing I do about how no one wants to listen because I’m an uncredentialed whore? Well, now I can only bitch about no one wanting to listen because I’m a whore. Woo! for increasing my privilege. And, you know, achieving something super important to me personally after working […]

I’ve been grappling with this a lot lately. On one hand, those most involved in sex workers’ rights are those with more privilege (economically, educationally, racially), while on the other hand, privilege is used to discount their arguments and experiences. I’m struggling to find a way that acknowledges my privilege without completely negating what I […]