Horrible idea?


Okay on the scale of dinner with Catherine MacKinnon to buying a new sex toy, how horrible or awesome would a post on Feministing about whorephobia be?

I keep thinking about this because I find that site incredibly whorephobic and completely dissing of whores in general. I’ve tried to post before, but my post got stuck in moderation. Or something. Maybe the author didn’t like an actual whore commenting.

I’m thinking of this because there have been posts there lately calling out transphobia and ableism. But every post I see mentioning sex work derails into whorephobia.

I basically would say: hey, listen, it’s not free choice or total oppression and rape. It’s all very, very complicated, and making assumptions about sex workers or silencing them is pretty fucking stupid.


3 Responses to “Horrible idea?”

  1. 1 Amber Rhea

    I think it would be AWESOME. I would *love* to get away from the old “choice” argument. It’s so asinine.

    So yeah, totally think a post would kick ass. It’s dealing w/ the comments that’s the real question here… do you have the intestinal fortitude to deal w/ that shit?

  2. Wow, I’m totally bummed, I typed out a whole long reply and then accidently clicked a link and lost the page and my comment.

    Anyway, awesome idea – but I doubt they’d approve it, I submitted a couple “what’s with all the whore hate” posts, and they weren’t accepted, and I submitted a post critical of the anti-sex trafficking movement and it wasn’t approved either – I was pissed about that one because it wasn’t about being a sex worker and being vilified, it was about evangelical christians dictating international policy, but oh well, I guess evangelical christians never oppress women. ha.

    here’s a slightly longer version of the post i’d submitted (and I didn’t submit the addendum part, added that later) :

    • I hadn’t even really thought of that! I’ve been too busy to post and deal with the potential shitstorm comments, but after the holidays, I’ll give it a go. In general, I find that site totally frustrating.

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