So-called feminists.


You know, I have to say, I’m getting really fucking sick of being told by so-called feminists that I don’t know shit about my own experiences. When I talk about sex work and my experiences, I’m not trying to generalize, I’m not trying to downplay that I have privilege, I’m not trying to act that horrible things don’t happen. I’m just trying to talk about my life as I have lived it. And it would be really fucking awesome if y’all could shut the hell up for once and listen to me. Listen to all of us. Unless you’ve lived it, you don’t know as much as you think you do.

I would never dare tell someone who was victimized in this industry that those experiences weren’t validate. So those of you so-called feminists who haven’t lived my experiences, don’t tell me that.

Jesus. I just find it so frustrating that unless you’re like a transnational woman of color lesbian trafficked person abuse survivor, you can’t talk about sex work. And even if you are that person, you can’t talk about sex work because your story is co-opted by the Cause to Save the Prostituted Women.


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  1. 1 FW


    A great book they all need to read is “Whores and Other Feminists”

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