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Horrible idea?


Okay on the scale of dinner with Catherine MacKinnon to buying a new sex toy, how horrible or awesome would a post on Feministing about whorephobia be? I keep thinking about this because I find that site incredibly whorephobic and completely dissing of whores in general. I’ve tried to post before, but my post got […]

I just wanted to link to this fabulous post by Snowdrop about the problems with these models, especially as Illinois considers this. As a whore, I just have to say, as happy as I am about not risking a prostitution arrest, the kind of work I do still puts me at risk of an assault […]

I first read Susan Bordo when I was thinking about recovery, trying to make sense of my own experiences. Unbearable Weight put into words the seething rage I felt over my treatment at the hands of others. First, I developed a (biologically rooted) illness that was a manifestation of the expectations of my body, then […]

You know, I have to say, I’m getting really fucking sick of being told by so-called feminists that I don’t know shit about my own experiences. When I talk about sex work and my experiences, I’m not trying to generalize, I’m not trying to downplay that I have privilege, I’m not trying to act that […]

Rio ’16.


All right, I’ll say it. Chicago didn’t get the Olympic bid and I am happy about it. The traffic and infrastructure problems would have been a nightmare to deal with. My business would get fucked up. Not to mention that this city can’t afford the games and they’d kick out all the poor black people […]

I have been dropping a lot of balls lately. I don’t mean to be. I feel awful about it. And yet I am struck by the salience of stigma in why I can’t explain to others why exactly I’m sucking at life right now. When I had surgery recently, it was totally cool for me […]