Why Feministing is not safe for whores.


I occasionally read Feministing, but I avoid commenting there. I do comment at Feministe. But not Feministing. I’ve seen one too many sex workers torn apart by the commentors of this “feminist” website for being too “privileged” or what the fuck ever.

This post is an excellent fucking example. A dude, not a typical client, runs into an escort, talks to her, and has this feminist revelation that not all sex workers are these stupid, crack-addicted, HIV-riddled, reliving-their-abuse, down-and-out victims. Something that people like me and my fellow activists have been saying for a long fucking time. Something I’ve seen sex workers say in Feministing discussion threads before.

But since I’m just a sex worker blogger and not someone trafficked in a brothel in the Third World, I don’t know anything about “real” sex worker, so I should just shut the fuck up.


One Response to “Why Feministing is not safe for whores.”

  1. Uck. Is there anywhere safe for whores? I was just reading a wiki page, feminst thoughts on prostitution, and was going through the talk pages, (masochistic fun!), and some asshole editor actually said:

    “Maybe a majority of women are sex-positive feminists, and perhaps most sex-workers are too, but I am skeptical that their views count for very much in ideological and intellectual terms.”

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