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I’m going to write about women and mental illness, a long, involved post, but I can’t right now. I need to get my own head on straight and not write “emotionally” (which, that I even have to do that, pisses me off). In the mean time, check out Amber’s awesome post. Advertisements

I occasionally read Feministing, but I avoid commenting there. I do comment at Feministe. But not Feministing. I’ve seen one too many sex workers torn apart by the commentors of this “feminist” website for being too “privileged” or what the fuck ever. This post is an excellent fucking example. A dude, not a typical client, […]

We were sitting in his car on a dark street outside my apartment. He was giving me a ride home. I remember thinking about how still everything seemed for my usually chaotic urban street. We’d been at some bar or something, someone’s house drinking. Who knows. I do know that when I told him I […]

At the height of my illness (and the lowest weight), I would lie awake at night, watching the clock tick the minutes out. I would plant one hand on my chest and count the beats. Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty. And wonder where it would end up. The number got progressively smaller. If I had a spry […]