Bust out your Pepto!


Bust out your Pepto because this is going to make you sick. Renegade Evolution posted Donna Hughes’s response to a letter by fifty academics opposing the banning of indoor prostitution in Rhode Island. Other bloggers like Amber Rhea have analyzed Hughes’s letter. (A Feminist View gives an amazing account.) What I find most interesting is that of the two main signers of the letter (Elizabeth Woods and Ronald Weitzner), Hughes personally attacked Dr Wood. The woman of the two. Sexism for the win!


2 Responses to “Bust out your Pepto!”

  1. That is Hughes for you! She loves attacking women. She has attacked me in the past, and did you read what she wrote in the projo about the women from the spa who testified? She always takes the side of the men. It is wrong that she gets to call herself a feminist!

  1. 1 The “Sex Radicals” Respond « happy endings? You Can’t Clap with One Hand

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