Up swing.


You know, as I imagine all workers do, I go through ups and downs with being enamored of my job. It’s been like this my entire working life. I just happen to have the undeniable privilege of having a job I more enjoy than dislike. I’ve been on kind of down swing, just irritated with the stigma, the petty annoyances, the serious harms. But right now, I’m definitely on an up. It’s been quite a journey through the different avenues of sex work, but I’m glad to have settled in a job I really like doing.


One Response to “Up swing.”

  1. 1 suggestivetongue

    It’s all about enjoying yourself and being lucky enough to get paid to do it. I envy that. It’s not something I will ever end up doing but I will go to the end of my days supporting the people who do. I just can’t imagine how hard it must get on the bad days.

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