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When I first read Thin Privilege 101, I have to admit, it irked me a little bit. I’ve been following feminist debates about thin privilege, since (as some of my posts have shown) I have a tendency to become hyper-defensive about my experiences living with an eating disorder. As with all conversations of privilege, the […]

Even though I was raised in an abstinence-only environment and had no formal training on safer sex techniques, today I am the queen of safer sex techniques. However, it seems like the world around me is living in the abstinence-only bubble of mythology about STDs. Which is why when I saw SerpentLibertine’s most recent post, […]

Up swing.


You know, as I imagine all workers do, I go through ups and downs with being enamored of my job. It’s been like this my entire working life. I just happen to have the undeniable privilege of having a job I more enjoy than dislike. I’ve been on kind of down swing, just irritated with […]

There have been a flurry of articles recently about the economic downturn and the sex industry. Apparently, journalists have decided that there is a trend of more and more women turning to sex work when other economic opportunities wither. (I’m not sure if this is a real trend or not.) Two things strike me about […]

Is it a form of ableism to talk about quasi-eating-disordered experiences? I struggle with this so frequently, and I am never sure how to address it. I know, based on my emotional reaction, that something is happening which is troubling to me. I know that I feel marginalized. But feeling marginalized and being marginalized are […]

Starting out or working in the sex industry can be daunting in terms of the financial aspects. Money is coming in, sometimes more than you’ve ever made or even seen before. It can be a bit overwhelming to plan and handle your money. I am not at all a tax professional, financial planner, or really […]