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Pink slipped.


A pink slip is something you get when you are fired (“down-sized”?) from your job. It is also something you get if you are involuntarily committed. Both are signs of being economically fucked. This is something baffling about the treatment of crazy people. (And again, I use crazy in the same way I use whore. […]



I watched The X-Files growing up, even though I wasn’t allowed. It was one of the only cult television shows, until recently, that I really followed closely. I was much younger then. In middle school. During my “I’m going to read everything on black holes and pretend I understand it” phase. (I think I did, […]

Someone who once hired my services asked me if I dissociated from my body during said service. To which I replied in some typical fashion in order to avoid the question. (When I am asked political questions on the job, I have a hard time biting my tongue. Case in point, a recent conversation I […]

Too Serious.


I have been taking things Too Seriously. The only place I don’t is in my work. I am not one of those posturing kind of professional dominants. I just love to play. Getting paid for it makes me so happy. It’s everything else. I think, as an activist, as someone who takes seriously the matrices […]

There was an exotic dance venue in the surburbs busted recently for prostitution. It’s billed as providing one on one time with an exotic dancer. Two women were arrested on charges that they offered sex for sale to an undercover officer. In true, slut-shaming fashion, their pictures and names were published in the news. It’s […]