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Oh, the irony.


I noticed that Jacqui Smith “accidentally” expensed some pay-per-view porn. Prostitution is exploitation, but not when it’s on film, apparently. Advertisements

One inspires the other. I hate doing my taxes. I know there are all kinds of reasons for sex workers to not pay taxes or to not account for all of their income. But the IRS does not fuck around. I advocate for doing them yourself, unless you have a really cool CPA. I’ve never […]

File this under I am not surprised: more women are entering the adult industry as a result of the economic downturn. These are attractive, college-educated women with other job options. But surprise, the only job security is in the adult entertainment industry. Now, I’ve never said everyone should jump on the sex work bandwagon, but […]

Governor Quinn is proposing a 50% income tax hike and a hike in cigarette tax to tackle the state of Illinois’s huge debts. Might I humbly suggest a solution? Decriminalize prostitution. Quit wasting money arresting providers and clients. Then sex workers who don’t already will feel more inclined to file taxes. More income taxes, more […]



I am so tired. I have inevitably, as I always so, internalized all the stress and drama of the past two weeks. First the Operation Cross Country nonsense, and then the Craigslist fuckery. I am just so tired. There is still so much to be done. And I just need a fucking break. I’m very […]

Every time I turn around, there’s more bullshit hitting close to home. The sheriff of Cook County is suing Craigslist to crack down on the erotic services section. He claims this will end sex trafficking. Since he’s obviously living under a rock, I’d like to remind him that a recent FBI sting based on Craigslist […]