I spent the last several days lying in bed watching endless amounts of television. I haven’t been sick in a long time, but when I get sick, I go all out, it seems. I am hypersensitive to most medications, so part of getting sick for me is being so stoned on cold drugs that I can’t function.

When I have a bad cold, I am freqently hungry, but have no desire to eat. If I want to eat, I crave spicy food. I really could just drink hot sauce. So I just put chili powder in my soup.

Of course, the associated not-eating-or-only-eating-“safe”-foods harkens back to my glory days of the eating disorder. I don’t drink juice, for example. I still cannot drink juice. The last thing I want when I’m sick is to find myself obsessing over food intake, and yet I do. It’s kind of like how downing a bunch of espresso would make a former coke head think about coke.

Call this a place-holder then. I really want to write a post about feminism, the sexual revolution, the availability of women’s bodies, and sex. I just have to become unstoned first.


One Response to “Sickly.”

  1. Oh crap! This is my fault, isn’t it? I spread my damned germs all over you. SORRY! *feels super bad*

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