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I had the most bizarre dream last night. I don’t remember ever having a sex work dream before, but apparently I had one last night. I borrowed a centipede from another sex worker for use with a client. I opened the container it was in, and it escaped and was free in my apartment. Several […]

I fucking knew that blogging about Operation Cross Country was going to piss me off. I’ve been cruising the internet, reading other people’s takes, and of course the comments. God, I feel like I should be paying someone to take this kind of abuse. Let me elucidate (I just learned this word. It’s big. You […]

A few links: Serpent has written about this, so has Aspasia. The Curvature takes a feminist approach.  I’d really like to see more feminist blogs and social justice blogs pick this up.

For your daily dose of fucked up, I give you Operation Cross Country. SWOP-LV on Bound, not Gagged posted about this. Basically, you have FBI agents arresting sex workers solicited on Craigslist. Ostensibly, they’re targeting child prostitution and trafficking. The numbers say otherwise. Forty-seven children have been rescued, whereas five hundred eighteen adult sex workers […]

At times, I just loathe identity politics.  But identity is unfortunately important, especially for social movements. (This blog probably doesn’t appeal to people who don’t identify as sex workers, or who aren’t interested in those who do identify as such. ) And lately, I’ve been thinking about the queer identity. A lot of people self-indentify […]

I call it a clusterfuck because it is a clusterfuck. I think Amber Rhea writes a really excellent analysis of recent blog privilege clusterfuckery called “Classy“. I’ve said before that it frustrates me to no end when privilege is used as a weapon. Yes, we all need to own up to our own privilege, but […]

Two phones.


Whenever I find myself hanging out with a group of fellow whores, I make mental notes about “You know you’re a sex worker when . . .” that I find amusing. Maybe I’m the only one. During a recent activist meeting, it occurred to me that the majority of us were juggling two phones. (The […]