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Super Scribbler


The fabulous Aspasia nominated me for an award! So I nominate Lia, Harper, and Jessica, all people whose blogs continually inform, amuse, and engage me. Advertisements

It was a last bits of summer kind of trip to the beach. The sun warm on my skin above the meandering chill in the breeze. My toes dug into the sand while I hoped to absorb some radiant heat through my SPF 30. And I was reading Dante’s Inferno. I picked it up off […]

I was raised in the evangelical church. (Which may actually explain a lot about me. I mean, sins of the flesh, bring it on!) I read my Bible. In fact, I read the Bible cover to cover probably a dozen times. I know my written Word. And one thing that isn’t in there is this […]

Reality check.


For once, for really really once, I’d like to have a sit down honest to god decent conversation with a so-called rad fem abolitionist anti-sex-work whatever they call themselves. I’ll let them identify. It would just be nice to lay it all out on the table and say, Okay, we aren’t going to agree. How […]

A mountain of articles, books, and blogs on different social movements tends to boil down to one important point: who holds the power to frame the discourse? (The first time I read The History of Sexuality, I was both eager and horribly, horribly depressed.) Those with the power use knowledge to shape the dominant discourse, […]

Sometimes I make them into things. I have an ash tray, a foot rest, a carpet. I drag on my cigarette and tap my ash into the palm of his hand. I rest my heels up on his back. I wipe my feet on his shoulders. I make the men I play with into objects, […]

I was in my car on the way to see the eye doctor. ($78 for the exam, and $320 for a year of contacts? No wonder people enter the sex industry.) I was stuck behind a bus, and that’s when I noticed it. A poster in part of Chicago’s new campaign to target demand. This […]