Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas to you if you do celebrate. If you don’t and/or are Jewish, I hope this holiday season has been pleasant. If you are pagan or Wiccan, I’m sorry the Christians stole most of your good ideas. For you of other religious faiths, I hope you’re at least enjoying this crazy time of year. And finally, for you atheists, enjoy your day off work!

I’m being at least partially sarcastic, so I hope you won’t write me angry emails about how I’ve offended you.

I celebrate Christmas. Not because I’m Christian, but my family is. So for me, Christmas is a time of surviving the airports, surviving stress-filled booze-less family dinners, and praying to whatever deity will listen that my suitcase isn’t over fifty pounds.

This year, instead of the hurried trying to find gifts for everyone nonesense, I made charitable donations. I love this idea, and those who have had donations in their honor really like it, too. A nice, neutral charity like Oxfam is my pick, although I so wish I could donation to HRC, SWOP national, HIPS, or a similar pro-sex workers rights or pro-GBLTQI rights group.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!


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