Remembering violence against sex workers


Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I want to remind you all to take a moment today to think about how violence affects the lives of sex workers. If you can attend a vigil in your area, please do. If not, consider how else you can remember lives tragically changed or lost.

Violence against sex workers is a human rights issue. When sex workers suffer violence and are unable to report or seek retribution for such violence, it affects all of us. How many violent criminals would have been brought to the attention of law enforcement if sex workers could go to the police and could be taken seriously? How many brilliant, beautiful, talented people have been lost because of this violence?

I don’t care if you don’t always (or ever) agree with me, but I hope you can agree with me on this point: no one deserves to suffer because of their occupation. Violence is not a job hazard. It is a crime.

If you can’t attend a vigil, consider posting a blog, emailing your friends, writing a letter to your representative or to President-elect Obama, or just putting a sign up somewhere. Take a bath, light candles, write a poem, practice yoga, talk a long walk, cry into your pillow, pet your cat. Do something to heal yourself.


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