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Oh, drugs. How I can’t decide if I love or hate you. Legal, of course. Prescribed to me by doctors whose faces blur into one string of detached concern. I’ve been off and on dozens of prescriptions, though. Every time I move, I have a medication bottle purge. I dig out all the nearly full […]

Merry Christmas to you if you do celebrate. If you don’t and/or are Jewish, I hope this holiday season has been pleasant. If you are pagan or Wiccan, I’m sorry the Christians stole most of your good ideas. For you of other religious faiths, I hope you’re at least enjoying this crazy time of year. […]



I once read this book about the “secret language” of eating disorders. It was probably one of the more insightful books I’ve read. In recent years, I’ve read other books and articles describing eating disorders as a kind of exclusive club. Not that anyone should feel badly about not being in that club. Quite the […]



I’ve heard some compelling, engaging arguments against sex work and sex workers’ rights in my day, and I’ve heard some not so compelling ones. The one that I think hands down takes the cake for the dumbest argument against sex workers rights is the “but it’s illegal” one. This demonstrates both a lack of understanding […]

Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I want to remind you all to take a moment today to think about how violence affects the lives of sex workers. If you can attend a vigil in your area, please do. If not, consider how else you can remember lives tragically changed or […]

First me.


I drove home and the money burned a hole in my wallet. I kept glancing over as I drove, as those the money would just disappear, that the whole experience would be gone. I don’t know what kind of bills they were. As time wore on, one hundred dollar bills were no longer a novelty, […]

It is the holiday slump. It’s that time of year when business is incredibly slow. I refresh my mailbox, waiting, and check my phone frequently. With the economy down, I’m not as in demand. How am I filling my time? With pleasures I ought to consider guilty! Well, actually, today I upgraded my bank account, […]