Sex workers and their allies march on Washington


Dec 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, if you weren’t aware. For the first time ever, the folks of SWOP national are organizing a march on Washington for sex workers’ rights visibility. I cannot be there, sadly, but I do hope you all organize and show up. It won’t be quite the Million Whore March I’ve been dreaming of for so long, but the more, the merrier.

I wrote recently about activism and the role of order versus chaos. I do support peaceful, organized marches. I don’t support rampages. I think that if a whole bunch of people can show up to march in Washington and can catch the eye of a couple of news organizations, we just might put sex workers’ rights on the map.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about Spitzergate (he won’t face charges! seriously?) and other things in the media about sex work. The comments are a good fifty-fifty between “ya hors kin die alredy!” and “wtf is the deal with prostitution being illegal?”. I don’t think internet comments are at all representative of the zeitgeist of the nation (I finally used that word in this blog! I win!), but I think the public at large needs to realize that as a marginalized group, we are fighting back. And they can fight senseless violence and the wasting of their tax dollars.


2 Responses to “Sex workers and their allies march on Washington”

  1. I really wish I could go too, but I didn’t get a job fast enough! I was so looking forward to it too! Ah well! We should coordinate something here in Chicago definitely. Maybe we can try to do this march twice a year? Religious context aside, maybe the swr community can aim to do one on July 22nd too (for those who hate winter), that’s Mary Magdalene’s feast day. Or June 21st, which I think was one of Aphrodite’s feast days. It’d be appropriate!

  2. Yes! Definitely. Organizing in Chicago is a must. And something when it’s not freezing ass cold would be lovely, too.

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