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Social convention has clearly not caught up to technology. Cell phones allow us to be constantly connected to anyone at any time. I’m starting to think that there is such a thing as too much constant connection. Cell phone users are incredibly rude, strange, or annoying at times. People must assume that putting a cell […]

Dec 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, if you weren’t aware. For the first time ever, the folks of SWOP national are organizing a march on Washington for sex workers’ rights visibility. I cannot be there, sadly, but I do hope you all organize and show up. It won’t be quite […]

My feelings of anger, outrage, ire, elation, hope, and so forth, in the wake of the election are ebbing into serious critical thinking. I am thinking about the future of social movements I care about. The sex workers rights movement, the queer rights movement, the feminist movement, pro-choice movements. I have had a number of […]

There are two things that are symbolic of America (with apologies to my foreign friends): voting and paying taxes. On this election day, of course I am going to encourage everyone to vote. As San Franciscoians decide the fate of the decriminalization bill Prop K, there’s a myth that should be addressed. In the dialogue […]