Something(s) about Jane.


The fabulous Aspasia tagged me in blog game, which asks that I tag six other people and post six random things about myself. Since everyone I would tag has been tagged, I will just post my list.

1. I know how to change my own oil.

2. Once, a Goya painting made me laugh hysterically for about twenty minutes.

3. The only thing that absolutely I will not watch in a horror movie (and I can handle my gore) is someone catching on fire.

4. Le Tigre’s “New Kicks” made me cry for some reason.

5. One of my pinkies doesn’t fully extend.

6. I used to be obsessed with having the web of my thumb pierced.


3 Responses to “Something(s) about Jane.”

  1. Now I’m curious, which Goya painting was it?

  2. Saturn Devouring His Son. There may have been some intoxicant involved.

  3. That’s a weird and cool painting. I could see how it can inspire drunken giggles.

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