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While I would hardly claim to hold expertise on activism and intellectualism, there are certain words I have strong opinions on. I think a lot of activists and intellectuals use certain words without critically engaging with their context, meaning, and previous use. While I am not a credentialed expert, I am a blogger, and as […]

Send a message to the world. Vote YES on San Francisco’s Prop K to decriminalize prositution. Don’t live in San Francisco? Spread the word! Prop K is about protecting human rights, decreasing wasteful and misdirected spending, and valuing the lives of the people who are sex workers and those close to them. And while you’re […]

The fabulous Aspasia tagged me in blog game, which asks that I tag six other people and post six random things about myself. Since everyone I would tag has been tagged, I will just post my list. 1. I know how to change my own oil. 2. Once, a Goya painting made me laugh hysterically […]

I should avoid feminist blogs and websites. I am growing quite disillusioned with the so-called feminist movement.  I have held in my mind since I discovered the feminist movement that feminism is about empowering the lived experiences and choices of all women. However, it seems that only the lived experiences and choices that support certain […]

It does not happen so often, but sometimes I get incredibly sad. It is an ineffable sadness, a sadness that lingers, that forms cobwebs inside me, so that I feel empty. And last week I got sad. My sadness is so hard to describe, but essentially, it is rooted in feeling like an outsider. I […]

The domination professionals in New York City are striking back. This is in light of recent increasingly frequent raids on BDSM parlors.  I have mixed feelings about this. I find it hard to believe that any professional dominant would be unaware that their business is borderline illegal and subject to prosecution under existing prostitution laws. […]

I try not to use this blog to further blog wars elsewhere, or to comment on others’ blogs, but in this case, I want to bring up an issue that deeply frustrates me. This post has me banging my hand against a wall, and not in the fun hurts-so-good kind of way. I’ve been engaged […]